Stark street mural in solidarity with Ferguson.

Finally got a chance to post this one up.  This was painted in Portland Or. in a predominantly white neighborhood in Solidarity with Michael Brown and all the other black lives killed recently by police. It was painted only two days after the officer in Ferguson was set free for murder.10696352_10204355647713394_8589993154752631183_n

Sometimes there’s a need to paint a mural which echoes back to current happenings. This piece was painted in two days(sat. and sun.) and ran in full for only one. After one day i was asked by the owner to roll the left side because he was afraid. If i did not, the entire mural would be removed without me having a chance to get photos.  Maybe it was a bit too much for some folks in the neighborhood to stomach on a daily basis, but I feel it was still worth my time and effort to make this statement even if for a short time. If you happened to catch it at se 28th and Stark (Portland, Or.) hope you could appreciate it.  Remember art and music can be used to share messages as well as just look pretty. All spraycan on this. *Thnx to Jordan Gnarpony for being there to snap the photos.

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